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We want honest self-discipline

Le 16 janvier 2015, 09:39 dans Humeurs 0

peech Central Leading Group visited the central inspection teams in 2014 when the first round of inspection reports on the situation in the Politburo Standing Committee, June 26, 2014They are not clean, how the requirements of the peopleCMC comrades in high positions, all officers and soldiers watching us, watching us the masses. Are human decency  Things clean  This is the image of the party and the army of the question. We want honest self-discipline, and resolutely engage in specialization, determined not to pursue the privilege to engage in unhealthy resolute, determined not to engage in corruption. Only to the army to set an example, and we catch only emboldened the armynike lunar hyperdunk 2013 mens   style construction. They do not behave, not fresh, not clean, so that people in the back pointing, how to ask people ah  Can not say that it's useless ah!- Speech at the meeting of the Central Military Commission of democratic life topics, July 8, 2013Institutional ConstructionSupervised uncomfortable on the other cadre"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." If the power is not binding, the result will inevitably be the case. ...... Do not want to accept the supervision of the people, not consciously accept the supervision of the people, that the party and the people to accept the

supervision of people uncomfortable, do not have as a minimum quality of leaders.- "According to discipline and punish corruption, strong efforts to solve outstanding problems masses", January 22, 2013Bullpen shut the cat is uncontrollableNo sound system, power is not related to a cage system, the corruption is uncontrollable. In this educational practice activities, establish a new system is very important, we should tie the little cage, bullpen shut the cat is uncontrollable, the gap is too big, the cat can come and go.- Speech at the Hebei research to guide the Party's mass line educational practice, and July 11, 2013, on the 12thNot implemented, the system is no goodOur system is not perfect and some also have some cage door is not shut, not locked. Or fence too wide, or fence with Stick to dnike lunar hyperdunk 2014 cheapo, that's not OK. The existing system did not perform well, and then engage in a new system that can predict will be no good. So, I said a minute deployment also implement nine points. Develop the system is very important, more important is to implement, the effort to spend nine points in it.- Speech at the team participated in Henan Province Lankao

 Counyears, Beijing's some food companies to pursue high-grade luxury and privacy, the private club direction, and some high-end restaurants and more hiding in the monuments, public gardens.How to define a private club  Reporters learned that the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Unit opinions with related landscaping, heritage, park management, which is located in the following criteria: First, set up in city parks and cultural protection units; the second is in the occupation of the park and cultural protection unit Pavilion, Taiwan , House, House and other public resources management closed; the third is the size of a large, luxurnike lebron 11 cheapious, only upscale dining, and entertainment services to minorities.Interrupted 2What are the provisions for party cadres Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has issued a notice requiring the city's leading cadres at all levels of lead in the implementation of the central provisions, signed the "no access to private clubs, private clubs do not accept and hold membership cards, party organizations and consciously accept supervision by the masses," the undertaking.In addition, discipline inspection departments will further strengthen the supervision and discipline, the requirements for the implementation of the municipal ineffective, negligence, willful concealment, omission, going through the motions of work, seriously deal with the responsible person; and to root out corruption behind severely punished access private clubs Eat, drink and other acts of violation of discipline.Link2014 how to correct the "four winds" Yesterday, the

city last year launched a series

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Inspection, said yesterday that with the implementation of the provisions of the central spirit of the eight last year, Beijing shut down or restructuring of a total of 37 private clubs. Including longevity hall inside the Summer Palace, Beijing Ji Qing Xuan former Northwest renowned high-end consumer sites. This means that Beijing early last year included 37 private clubs within the scope of regulation and upscale dining establishments have all been carried out rectification.Last year, 37 clubs included in the scope of remediationBeijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection said that for the masses of cadres of law and discipline, and "four winds" outstanding issues, the city last year launched a series of special operations. Which, by regulation, "the club of the unhealthy trend," has urged the city's 37 nike air max hyperposite shoes private clubs focused completed rectification, shutting down 10, turned five office use, the closure adjustment 5.Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, said for example, hiding in the Summer Palace of longevity hall, Ji Qing Xuan, who is well-known high-end consumer northwest Beijing places. With the implementation of the provisions of the eight central spirit, especially thorough investigation of public funds banquets, non-leading cadres of the implementation of the ban on access to

 a private club, so the club basically lost high-end consumer buyers, forced to close their doors.December 31, 2013, Beijing study "on the Party's mass line educational practice in serious improvement" clubs in unhealthy "notice", the beginning of last year, the City Council held a special Commission for Discipline Inspection, the city's parks and cultural arrangements for inventory security unit private club opened in the violation. After initial diagnostic investigation, the city's private clubs included within the scope of regulation and a total of 37 upscale dining establishments.For these units and establishments, authorities interviewed each of the operators, a clear rectification, dinike zoom hyperrev shoesning options require restructuring, for the general public, improve service, and firmly correct closure and removal of improper business practices, such as licensing show, strict requirements to internal service-oriented rental housing only as office and nonprofit cultural venues using other violations are not allowed reception dining and other rental agreement.Part clubs go the civilian route restructuringIn addition, there are some

clubs in transition, to provide services to the public from the past, the transition to the main reception. According to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection reports, Beijing last year, after a total of 17 ordered to stop lowering the price of vegetables, for the public service.Reporters learned yesterday, like in the Purple Bamboo Park, "asked on floor" consumer target groups have been adjusted for visitors, surrounding people. A staff member on floor and asked that the current restaurant has been re-adjusted price of dishes, go the civilian route, launched on still buy "public comment" and other platforms, double package for 198 yuan.In addition, the restaurant also for the public to undertake the wedding. Staff said that for some high-end conferencing service still can u nike lebron soldier 8 cheapndertake, but need to book in advance to prepare the dishes. "Because usually do not produce a very high-end."ResponsesChurch longevity clubs become free galleriesFor the Summer Palace in the city discipline inspection commission named longevity hall, Ji Qing Xuan private clubs, the reporter learned yesterday from the Summer Palace Management Office, according to the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, Beijing Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the instructions, the Summer Palace and actively implement private "municipal park clubs and high-end entertainment will be shut down, and the lease contract expires in the park and the park features

lead in the Friendship Hospital

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entrepreneurship in the whole society has become so rampant, China only can find a new growth point and driving force of the industry.Experts also warned that the fund leveraging "innovation economy" also can not ignore the role of continuous deepening of reform. "In the long run, as the market matures and private investors, the government should eventually return to the rule of law and cultural level up, to form a 'community nurturing innovation, innovators social responsibility' provide an institutional guarantee of a virtuous cycle." Fang Zhulan proposal The next step should be to strengthen the professional, independent third party and even fourth cultivation. In mid-April 2012, applicable to non-Medicare patients in Beijing and in the field of patients' medical Beijing Tong "card lead in the Friendship Hospital started. Morning News reporter Li Muyi  photoThis year, the city will add eight large municipal hospitals Beijing  nike lebron 11 onlineMedical Card, yesterday, Municipal Authority revealed that Beijing is currently conducting a study on the cards used in the medical field, such as Medicare pays part of the patient, and has the formation of the initial

program.The scope of the city hospital will be "Card"In order to solve the non-Medicare patients pay for treatment for a long time queuing, more often, as well as campus-wide multi-card and other treatment difficult problem, by the end of 2011, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission Wei, Beijing HA Joint Beijing Bank jointly launched the "Beijing Medical Tong" card. In this real-name system for the carrier Beijing medical cards, equipped with campus-wide settlement, electronic purse, report the loss solution linked to other convenience services, available on-line hospital achieve registration, payment, print report cards, medical query functions.Yesterday, the City Authority introduced, Beijing Medical pass on the line this year, after another eight new municipal hospital nine hospital department (see table), so far, Beijing medical card through projects accumulated 19 municipal hospitals in 24 hospital unit use, municipal hospital coverage over 90%. The central part of the case began to put into use in Beijing Hospital Medical Card (se  nike lebron 10 cheape table), according to a unified plan, this will be achieved through the card at all medical Beijing municipal hospital "card."Future services will enable third-party paymentHA data from the city, as of the end of December last year, Beijing medical

local, unit management lax, powerless, the main person in charge is doing  To fulfill the responsibility, should pay attention to clean government!- Listen to the speech Central Leading Group visited the central inspection teams in 2014 when the first round of inspection reports on the situation in the Politburo Standing Committee, June 26, 2014One pot meals, supervision difficultDo not press the case, do not report the case to conceal the existence of the case sometimes. Everyone in a pot to eat, difficult to monitor others. The local Commission for Discipline Inspection, the same level of supervision and also a lot of taboo, the number one problem of corruption occurred in these years, there is little peer initiative Discipline Inspection Report.- In the eighteenth Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the third plenary meeting of the speech, January 14, 2014On the political disciplineDo not be  nike kobe 8 onlineeliminated by historyIf you manage the party ineffective governance lax party, the People's Party masses outstanding issues are resolved, then we will sooner or later lose the ruling party status, inevitably be eliminated by history. This is not alarmist.- The national organization working conference speech, June 28, 2013Party can not become a "private club"Comrade Mao Zedong said, the route is "benevolent" discipline is "hegemony", both of which are essential. If the party's political discipline became a decoration, it will form a "broken window effect", the

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